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About Us

Aspiriss Healthcare has become a known name in the World of Pharmaceutical, tirelessly developing Innovative solutions to resolve issues that are critical roadblocks towards the health of all Indians. The company has maintained its quality in manufacturing by following W.H.O GMP standards and providing medicines to all age groups at affordable prices.

The brand has created a strong presence in the Department of Orthopaedics and now expanding in the field of Physician, Paediatrician, Dermatology, Gynaecology, ENT, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Haematology, Eye care & Oral care. Aspiriss Healthcare also promotes, participates & organises various types of Health Camps, Workshops & Conferences across the country.

The fire for success in the team of company is very high. Today the desire stands transformed into reality and we have established ourselves as the leading marketing entry with ISO9001:2008 certification. We are backed by untiring efforts to maintain continuity of highest standard in quality and our products have founds excellent acceptance by the medical Profession and satisfied the users by offering excellent results at reasonable prices. The organization has made leaps and bound progress and starting with nothing, today the company markets more than FIFTY FIVE products, practically covering all segments of medicine including anti-biotic, anti-oxidants, cardiovascular, anti-allergics, digestive range, cough syrups, multi vitamins & neutraceuticals and analgesics and more.

The company has recently launched an excellent range of injectables and is coming soon with its enviable range of cancer. 

Quality Control

We follow the procedure of quality control to ensure the identity and purify of all medicines. With the objective to provide always safe product, Quality Control department works consistently with accurate analytical methods. The laboratory is well equipped with modern & sophisticated instruments like UPLC, HPLC with auto-sampler, FTIR, TOC & dissolution apparatus for bioequivalence studies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide innovative and high quality products which will satisfy the needs of clients. We want to mark our presence in the society by providing low cost medicines to all & to become a significant global player by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in medicine.

Our mission

-Our mission is to focus on quality and to create brand equity by promoting top class products.
-To be a globally admired pharmaceutical company, providing excellent quality products to our clients and people of the world.
-To dedicate ourselves for humanity’s quest for longer, healthier, happier lives through innovation in medicines.


Our Marketing facilities are located  Across India
Highly and professionally educated employees play an important role in the development of the company who continue to permanently educate and improve themselves in order to broaden the knowledge base and improve expert skills. All members of our organization are fully committed to quality and compliance to ensure our products meeting the highest quality standards. With qualified, trained and dedicated work force we try to maintain adherence to established quality standards assures safety and efficacy of drug products.
There is an availability of adequate premises and space with suitable storage and transportation. The production of various formulations is done in compliance to Approved procedures and instructions.