The Dependable Combo For Active Results

– Regurgitation &Flatulence
– Dyspepsia
– Peptic Ulcer Disease
– Heart Burn & Hyperacidity-Reflux Oesophagitis

– The Active S- Enantiomer.
– Offers prompt& efficient control on acid production
– Ensures faster symptom relief and better healing rate
– Offers high parietal cell concentration
– Ensures least drug interaction

– Increases esophageal peristalsis& lowers esophageal
sphincter pressure
– Increases gastric motility & peristalsis
– Facilitates gastric emptying & deceases small bowel transit
– Sustained release ensures round the clock relief

The Combined effect
-Offers exceptionally high resolution of all grades of reflux oesophagitis
-Ensures definite short &long term efficacy in functional dyspepsia
       – Improved quality of line
       – Better satety, compliance & symptom control
       – Lower relapse rate