Despite Being Tropical Country The Most Prevalent Disorder in India.. Vitamin ‘D’ Deficiency

A Complete Restorative Formulation of Vit. D3

– Offers easily absorbable form of cholecalciferol
– Results in a significant increase in serum levels of vitamin D

– For Muscle & Bone Strength/ Calcium absorption
– Enhances skeletal muscle strength and physical performance
– Regular dosing with oral cholecalciferol (60,000 IU weekly)
has advantages over other regimens when replenishing Vitamin D stores following deficiency.

D3-Fab Nano

A Restorative Supplement For Stronger Bones & Better Health

– Re-establishes vitamin D levels
– Enhances calcium absorption& calcium re-uptake
– Maintains calcium balance
– Meets immediate calcium deficiency
– Reduces parathormone levels

Indicated in:

– Osteopenia
– Osteoporosis
– Severe hypocalcemia in renal impairment
– Hormone replacement therapy
– Corticosteroid induced osteoporosis
– Prophylaxis of osteoporotic fracture
– Post menopausal osteoporosis