In Deficiency or Increased Demand of Calcium
Calcium Citrate Malaete 1250 mg + Vitamin D3 1000 IU + Methylcobalmin 1500 mcg + Zinc 4 mg + Magnesium 50 mg Tablets

The Best Calcium Restorative with Vital Supporters For Enhanced Results.

Calcium Citrate Melate

-Offers foster & better obsorption of calcium
-Highly bio-available compared to calcium carbonate
-Improves bone mineral density & reduces risk of fracture
-Fulils the need before, during & ofter pregnancy

Vitamin D3

-Accelerates calcium absorption
-Improves bone matrix by enhancing
calcium remineralizafion
-Facilitates calcium absorption, even in less active individuals


-Provides support for nerve function, energy production & blood cells
-Helps to insulates nerve fibers & regenerates damaged neurons


-Improves immune functions
-Enhance bone mineralization


-Strengthens cartilages & improves muscle mass